Wwe Canceled Huge Plans for WRESTLEMANIA 34!

Early it was Rumors that Jinder Mahal and John Cena could main event this years Wrestlemania later it shifted to a match between Jinder Mahal and John Cena for Wwe Championship but not main event and both for smackdown’s Wwe Championship but now after survivor series results and rating wwe is planing to do main event from smackdown

But not with involving Jinder Mahal in it because his haters can spoil everything and wwe cant let that happen when it comes to wrestlemania because thats place where we make most of the money and he even can spoil plans for road to wrestlemania because his hater wont be buying tickets for else they could even boycott wwe which would make vince selling the company to Jeff Jarret so this time wwe is planing for another Aj Styles vs John Cena main event which one will be good but taking reaped match will decrease rating and interest and mostly views.

So wwe needs to plan something very big.

And another change that wwe could made is in main event early its roman reigns vs Brock Lesnar for the wwe universal championship which everyone would like to see,

But what the fact is wwe is totally unpredictable and Wwe want to continue this so wwe this time might be changing some plans so wwe might send Reigns to another feud such as for Inter Continental Championship or other but if Wwe select shield plans that would be killing plans and still Wwe is best company so  far so best company needs best Main event.

So they might be going with a triple threat match such as Brock Lesnar vs roman reigns v ??? or a fatal four way like Brock Lesnar vs roman reigns vs ??? vs??? or we might see any member of shield wins wwe or universal championship before the Wrestlemania which is quite impossible until Lesnar will leave wwe for UFC and then we might see Shield triple threat at Wrestlemania.

Author’s Take

I Think Shield’s triple threat will be working best and on another hand i must say John Cena vs Aj Styles or Shinsuke Nakamura will go great.What ever Wwe Knows How to make Wrestlemania Great and vince will damm do his best to ensure that road to wrestlemania and even Wrestlemania go well.


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