What is Next for Reigns??

What is Next for Reigns?? and this is biggest question for a roman reigns fans where they were expected him to be Wwe Universal championship or Top Championship

He just end up winning middle championship the big dog’s fan are very angry about it but what is next they can see roman reigns in big reign of big title means for future of the powerhouse there are many of rumor but following is sound to be best and is nearly about to happen!

Who Wants a repeat main event in wwe wrestle-mania and yes everyone just loved cena vs Rock but this is not Cena vs Rock,

so we cant see roman reigns vs Brock Lesnar again that would impact everything rating,views,Trp,Wwe Network’s subscription even Wwe understands this so they might get it done with a great stage at great moments thats meant the current rumor for roman reigns is to face returning Batista,

Batista’s latest interview in which he showed eagerness to come to wwe have made fans go crazy and even social media is crazy on this so we might see Batista in wwe very soon faster then expected by any wrestling fan but even rumors are he can face roman reigns at wrestle mania which is going to be damn cool thing but wwe need to make a feud and a tittle is required and Inter Continental¬† title cant work with this

So Might Reigns Win World Title or Returning Batista can Win Championship and only gold even this could be Inter promotional match which we could see at wrestle-mania maybe main or its even OK its if even not main event.

Because its the animal vs the powerhouse.

author’s views

I Think this would be cool it wont be working because reigns is going to get boo and wwe don’t want it but if wwe do it with the shield it would be good for both roman reigns and the Dave Batista.!

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