Triple h commented on joining shield!

Ealier on 14 times wwe world champion ‘Triple h’ Joined ‘The Shield’ in wwe UK tour where they kicked off the tour. while 3rd member of shield is not in so triple h joined Dean Ambrose and Seth rollins The Raw Tag Tram Champions.

While mean, Seth rollins gave him shield jacket which every member of shield wears. match got great response from crowd and almost every one even cheered for HHH which is surprising while its also belived that there is a relation wwe is trying to build with HHH and Shield. but it is immmposible because as we know when ever triple h will make his in tv debut he will be featured on wwe smackdown live.

So if 14 times wwe world champion is appearing at wwe smackdown live than it it immpossible to team up with the shield beacuse are on raw brand even 2 of them are even wwe raw tag team champions. so wwe might me doing this for better kick off to the show in uk so those fan who havent bought wweuk tours tickect they will damm buy one. Because every one loves the shield and every one hate HHH but they both combine they could have done something but however,It is not possible. they both had gone one on one many time they had many of matches where HHH comes with his evolution as where shield with its member.

Shield have proper 3 members in team while thir one is out but still hoped to come back by next triple h might have only one apperance with the shield.

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