Real Reason Why Roman Reigns Won IC Title!


On week’s Raw  we saw that new Inter Continental Champion was crowned, and that was leader pf Roman Empire Roman Regins!. But what was the reason why wwe decided this at last moment of raw to officially begins. In previous times many of the rumor came but finally we got a great news on why at last moment shield almost got broken after all one of the best person in shield team when it Comes to Wrestling Won a Singles Title That proves that this time it is Reigns who is getting Singles push in Wwe which earlier was dean Ambrose But now it seems shield will last long finally reigns started getting A good crowd respone but now every one will start belive in reigns but Reings will hated because he had huge number of haters! This is going from long It sounds like Miz is doping title to reigns but following is real reason why this happen at this point.


Now Its Over 1 and half years Reigns had never won a title in wwe struggling again and again. Moreover its now whole 2017 to get ended but Reigns was unable to capture any title but now finally reigns was champion at Raw early he was set to win raw tag team championship with his team partners dean ambrose and seth rollins or we might call it the shield. But later after all we know the Shield is a team and tag team championship is a small title and most biggest title of lesnar which wwe cant take off from him so being a vince mcmahon favorite he have to win title weather it is a 2nd biggest title in WWE.


its good that reigns won the title but we would be more happy to see that happen at PPV of Raw brand whatever now he is getting a Good push which is a Good News for Roman Reigns fans and a very very bad new for Roman Reigns hater and Shield lovers!

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