Is wwe Fake or Real??

One of biggest question for a pro wrestling fan is “Is wwe real or fake” before talking about that there are many of videos availble on youtube that wwe is fake “5 proof’ ‘proof’ and many more.While Social and Literate Fans know what is case with wwe.

What is going backstage  and what actually happens. If you know really great but OFFCOURSE if you had clicking on this artical and you are reading this you probably dont know or you are confirming.

Mean while Simple System of wwe’s working is wwe had some producer for each show.likewise, Raw, Smackdown, And More Which big do as same small shows also do the same like Nxt or Main event. Then comes writers for each show. They both combine to make one thing know as world wrestling entertainment or Wwe. its completly script base while many of stuff doesnt like dark matches.These wrestler are which pro trained, So the know how to defend themselfes and their opponent all this had always been safe until some made star step into ring and got fired next day. Thats why many of stars you see sometime they appear only once or tow.Even injuring some one intentionally  is also banned in wwe.

This is how wwe works.There are many of things even happen between like sales, Fixing, Seling, Trading.

Authors view 

Yes wwe is not fake 100% but also not 100% real there are many things come between of these.

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