Dolph Ziggler leaving wwe soon??


PAST                                                                                                                                                          Dolph ziggler is one of the most underrated wwe wrestler.He is 2 time World Heavyweight Champion which is making him 2 times world champion.After all he is even former Mr.Money in the bank,United states champion,Inter continental champion.And many of great feuds in his career Such as John Cena had been his Greatet riverly in past. He had done many things but wwe never understand and never gave him oush what he really deserves even dolph ziggler is perfect when it comes to reversals. Many of the people or 65% of wrestling who are watching wwe are hating dolph ziggler and wwe pushed him as face that is one of biggest reson why ziggler had never become successful wrestler wwe because wwe management, producers, writer and most importantly Vince McMahon never belived in him even 40% of his total riverly never ended properly such as Rusev Thing. If wwe must worked on him then dolph ziggler must be at-least at level of randy orton being at same age even tough.Now,Wwe Is not giving it to ziggle but still is happy know what ziggler thinks about wwe.

NOW                                                                                                                                                          Dave melterz now revealed when Dolph Ziggler’s contract is going to get over with Wwe in October 2018. It is a full year when Ziggler’s contract With Wwe is going to get over. Superstars like Ziggler Sign contract of 3-5 but Ziggler got three years contract his last contract expired back in 2015 and he re-signed with company but this time when we asked from dave melterz than he said no,Ziggler Is not signing with any other company. because he is very happy from his current post in wwe and his that heel role too. doing some stand-ups plus more is making him happy even Ziggler is a star who had never refused to loss this guy always agree with company when this come to his career. He better believe management knows better than him what is best for him and his career. Even Zigglers Career has been very rarely looking at injury he just has minimum amout of injury in whole Wwe maybe becaude of being light Heavyweight or Even he is not performing High flying moves while in other promotion will force him to do so which wwe is not doing and properly agree with what Zigller what in his in ring performance even Wwe pays most bonus And what every wrestling in pro wrestling world wants thats why every wants a contract with wwe once in a lifetime.

AUTHOR’S VIEWS                                                                                                                                  I agree with ziggler as he is making good amount of money in being wwe employ and he is working since long in company and had many of best and memorable things and alot of championships even If he signs with other company he will get more Injury,More Fight,Maybe more Championship too (less valuable) but he will get real less money compare to Wwe. Nothing To say Wwe is biggest comapny when this come to pro wrestling field and ziggler is working with best what else he needs.




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