(Breaking News) Will Cena Be AT Wrestlemania 34?

John Cena In the biggest name in the history of wwe he is living or i might say fighting legend in wwe but biggest question for every wwe fan is will Cena be at Wrestle mania and if yes what will be his position means main event just like other time shitty hell Fued for Cena so following are possibe plans for Cena at Wrestlemania

if you ask me than yes cena is confirmed at wrestlemania means forget about that a wrestlemania with out john cena simply it is equals to rating so cena is confirmed

but the biggest question is who is going to be Opponent of John Cena at Wrestlemania is it again that thing Cena is in mid card Fued or even worse Lower Card for Cena??

And the answer is no, no Cena is doing that thing again this time he is getting a shot prove himself and win world title for 17th time and out shine as we know his oppent might be Aj Styles because Aj had beaten Cena for multiple times and is Cena Wining? yes! Cena is getting title at Wresrltmnaia 34 and many more stuff that could happen.

This could be even better because Cena could face wwe champion Jinder Mahal but after results of  Pre Match hype of Brock Lesnar vs Jinder Mahal at survivor series 2017 which was almost flop because nobody loves jinder mahal but wwe never realized they want Jinder to be at Smackdown only and don’t spoil their Lesnar match. So,only thing that left is Styles vs John Cena but what if wwe changed mid and this could Jinder Mahal vs aj styles. one it is also tough because Wwe is planning a face turn for Jinder Mahal.

So At the End of Day Cena is at Mania and against Aj Styles for Wwe Championship(As of Now!)

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