10 Wrestle Could Be Next Wwe Champion

Wwe Championship is one of the Most Important thing for a Pro Wrestler. Now Wwe is not giving this to all but not even to those who really deserve the title.they are really very secure about wwe championship they only give to those who they really believe can assure them rating and Money.Like Brock lesnar  and Jinder Mahal,Not like CM Punk who will run with title.

Following these are 10 wrestlers who are going to be Wwe Champion In Next to time or they deserve to be.

10) Dean Ambrose


Recently wwe asked a poll about wwe universe’s Favorite wrestler Then Dean ambrose got most with 44% and ambrose is least pushed Shield Member But still Fans want and wwe do that is totaly impossible.

9) Roman Reigns

Most of or I must say 75% Wrestling Fan hates roman reigns but still a great powerhouse and outspoken wrestler with a beast body and one of best versatile wrestler his style of fight is good but mic skills just rushed all thing in his career.

8) Samoa Joe

Joe is one of the best non wwe trained wrestler and no reson needs him to be next wwe champion and he is dam wining wwe championship in 2018 and Even he deserve to be champ in wwe soon in 2018 as compared to his age.

7) Baron Corbin

while being his push is cancelled in Wwe main event thing after lossing his money in the bank which made him 3rd person to unsuccessfully cash In. But Still He Deserve to be Wwe Champion In No Time.

6) Seth Rollins

After Injury On knee And After rollins Absence after a huge push in 2015 Still Almost 2018 No major push.

5) Finn Balor

How can we forget finn balor or Prince Devit For Few of you.This Guy is first ever Wwe Universal Champion And one of the most biggest Record in Wwe current time but whatsoever he is not getting Enough Credits For What He Did in past Nxt or Indie Shows or other promotions.

4) Randy Orton

Other Talking Apart Orton is one of the most out spoken wrestler in wwe and he deserve to be a wwe champion for a long time which he is not doing even being youngest World Heavyweight Champion he is not getting that much title as much as he deserve in his last part of legendary career.

3) Braun Strowman


The monster among the man is an serious monster and every one is in shock what wwe is really doing with him showing him as monster among the man is just not enough he deserve to be Wwe or Universal Champion just not once but multiple championship should be on his name.

2) The Miz

Now many of you must be thinking why i am taking this guy just in there is a big reason for that because wwe CEO the Triple H and giving him credits for best mic holder then why no more Wwe or and World title

1) Dolph Ziggler

Now this is one the best guy in wwe right now but the thing is not his performance neither hard-work his satisfaction about company will make him wwe champion sure once again in his Career.



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